Creativity and education is at the heart of the Suprema Color brand and so we offer all our Suprema Education completely free to all our Suprema Color Hairdressers and Salons.  

Ask your local Suprema Color wholesaler for more information on our Suprema Color Events and Courses held by one of our talented Suprema Educators at one of our training centres. 

Level 1 - Suprema Student  

Welcome to your Suprema Journey.

We see a creative future with you! 

It?s so important in your early career to grow and learn continuously, we want t help you reach the highest level of excellence in creative and technical hairdressing. Hairdressing is a beautiful craft, there?s a lot of learning in the salon from learning to wash off colour and stimulate the scalp with invigorating scalp massage, watching colour applications and learning how to apply colour properly. 

Our aim with our #SupremaStudent course is to motivate, encourage and nurture our new hairdressers into blossoming stylists with an undeniable passion for our incredible industry.

Key Course Facts

  • Learn consultations with clients

  • Shampoo, condition and treat the hair and scalp

  • Colouring techniques and the science behind colouring with Suprema

  • Style and finish hair

  • Cut hair using basic techniques

  • How to recommend aftercare

Level Requirements

  1. Have a current apprenticeship scheme working towards NVQ level 2

  2. Be a full time college student learning NVQ level 2

Level 2 - Suprema Certified

After qualifying with an NVQ Level 2 in Hairdressing join us on our colour course and become #SupremaCertified.

On this course you will learn more behind the beauty of our luxurious hair colouring cream range by FarmaVita.

We will introduce you to the basics of using the colour as well as learning about the Suprema Color Brand! 

Start growing In colour confidence.

Key Course Facts

  • Learn fundamental colouring skills

  • Tinting & Highlighting

  • Take your first steps into advanced mixology with our intermixable customisable range

  • Block work & Live models

  • Pre-Lightening Technical & Toning

Level Requirements

  • NVQ level 2 Hairdressing certified

Level 3 - Suprema Colorist

Enjoy our Suprema Colour Mixology course, let our #SupremaEducators guide you

Through advanced colour correction, ombre, dip-dye and balayage techniques to create current hair colour trends for blending contrasting tones through the hair.

The range of techniques learned on the course will enable you to feel more confident in your craft and in your everyday salon work.


Submit 3 demo pictures displaying the techniques you have learned in this level. Once approved you will graduate as one of our Suprema Colorists and can also use our #SupremaColorist on your social media platforms. 

The most creative entries will feature throughout SupremaColor UK Lookbook on our website.


  • Colour Mixology Tutorial

  • Tones & Palettes

  • Advanced Color Correction

  • On Trend – Balayage/Ombre/Platinum Card

  • Blending and Toning

  • Methodology and Terminology

  • Bespoke Client Consultation Skills & tips

  • A guide to – Personalised prescription for Hair Maintenance at home

Level Requirements

  • NVQ level 2 Hairdressing certified

  • #SupremaCertified

Level 4 - Suprema Stylist

You will learn the importance of colour choice. Learning the thorough art of bespoke consultation, gaining information that enables you to create more personalised services for your clients.

Learn new techniques and offer bespoke services with personalised colour formulations to suit your clients individual needs. 

This will keep your clients returning to you time and time again!


Submit 6 demo pictures displaying the techniques you have learned in this level. 

The most creative entries will feature throughout SupremaColor UK advertising campaigns. 

Once approved you will graduate as a Suprema Stylist and can also use our #SupremaStylist hashtag on your social media platforms.

Key Course Facts

  • Bespoke client consultation tips and guide

  • Personalised colour mixology

  • On trend Colour techniques

  • Advanced Colour Correction part 2

  • Perfect Blondes – Lifting and toning Masterclass

  • Expression and creativity Masterclass

Level Requirements

  • NVQ level 2 Hairdressing certified

  • #SupremaColorist

Level 5 - Suprema Designer 

Let your creative juices flow, come to a #SupremaDesignerDayEvent

Demonstrate one technical piece and one creative piece on a live model.


One of our Suprema Directors will approve your work displaying the techniques you have learned in this level. Once approved you will graduate as one of our Suprema Designers and can also use our #SupremaDesigner on your social media platforms.

When approved your work will be professionally photographed for SupremaColor UK and you will be invited to join on to our Suprema Director programme!

Key Course Facts

  • Demonstrate on Live Models; 1 x Creative, 1 x Technical

  • Suprema Director approves work

  • Photographs Models for SupremaColor UK

  • Join onto Suprema Director Programme

  • Sample. Click to modify
  • Sample. Click to modify

Level requirements

  • NVQ level 2 Hairdressing certified

  • #SupremaStylist

Level 6 - Suprema Director 

This is the ultimate level of Suprema Creative thinking

You will ideally have a minimum of three years experience within the Hairdressing industry as a qualified Hairdresser to get the most out of the #SupremaDirector Course

We will take you on a Suprema Journey of exciting demonstrations

Taught by our award-winning Suprema Artist Team!

Learn forward thinking techniques and showcase your artistic skills and knowledge with live models.

Key Course Facts

  • Suprema Artist Demonstrations

  • Learn direct with Suprema Artist team members

  • Take your creativity to new levels

  • Broaden your artistic skills

  • Prepare for annual Suprema Artist Awards Entry

Entry Level Requirements

  • NVQ level 2 Hairdressing certified

  • #SupremaDesigner

Suprema Educator

By invitation only, for our experienced #SupremaDirectors 

Educators are the highest trained and most experienced creative talented within the Suprema Color Brand. 

Suprema Salon Manager

#SupremaSalonManager is for Salon Managers who work within the industry. You don?t have to have qualifications in hairdressing but you will be running or have run a team of at least 3 other Suprema Stylists. You will have been through the Suprema Salon Manager course and have demonstrated the 5 key Suprema manager principles


Suprema Color Artist Awards, designed to showcase the hairdressing industry?s most creative and well-executed avant garde inspirational work. From colour, style and finish, entrants take inspiration from current and new trends to create beautiful art.

Winners benefit from complimentary SupremaColor for life, hold the annual Suprema Artist Award Title as well an exclusive invite to the Suprema Artist Team. 

More info coming soon!  

Although our Suprema Education is completey free we do ask for commitment to our Suprema Color Range. 

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