Why Everyone Loves Suprema 10.02

why everyone loves suprema 10.02

Suprema Hairstylists seem to be loving Suprema 10.02 at the moment, and here is why..

Suprema 10.02 is one of the best colours for neutralizing Blondes, and is a very popular shade because of this, not only does it neutralise, but also softens the tones in the hair, what more could you want? The best thing about it is that hairstylists are using it in many different ways, for balayage, highlights and toning the full head.

How can you use Suprema?

Some stylists use Suprema all over the head as a colour, for highlights, balayage, or use 10.02 as a toner. Jack Cartwright from Ego Hair and Beauty has demonstrated this, bleaching the full head first with Omniplex Bleach and 30% developer, which was left to develop for 35 minutes. Lastly, toned with 10.02, which he mixed with 1.9% with a mixing ratio of 1:1, and left to develop for 25 minutes. Resulting in this gorgeous, smooth blonde look.

Another example of 10.02 being used as a toner is this look created by Paige Manning. She mixed 4.0 with 4.77 mixed with 3% for the root colour, and left to develop for 30 minutes, then blended down to the tips of the hair and left for a further 10 minutes. Toning with 40 grams of 10.02 and 80 grams of 1.9%, to get this gorgeous blended blonde look. 10.02 tones the blonde in the hair, so that there are no unwanted orange or yellow undertones.

These looks can be found on our Suprema Look Book, along with many others created by our talented Suprema Artists, using a range of the Suprema Colors. 10.02 is a Platinum Pearl Blonde, and as you can see from both pictures the colour is very effective, in the first picture Jack has used it to tone the whole head, getting rid of any unwanted yellow tones. However, Paige has used 10.02 to soften the tones in the hair, dragging the colour through to create a soft blend between the dark and light tones.

Not only do hairstylists love Suprema 10.02 because of how dynamic it is, but they are loving that you can play around with the peroxide ratio, using different measurements to create different tone intensities. It is not just 10.02 that everyone is loving, you can see on our Look Book the different ways that people are using Suprema Color and the amount of inspiration that you can get from it is great! As well, you can check out our Instagram @Supremacoloruk for even more inspiration when using Suprema 10.02 and more!!

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