How To Throw the Best Patch Test Party

How to throw the best patch test party?

Converting your Salon to Suprema might not seem like the easiest process, as it means that you will have to have all clients come in to your salon to have patch tests for your new Suprema Color range. However, you can really make the most of this, by hosting a ?Patch Test Party?. Organising an Event for patch testing will enable you to get them tested whilst promoting many of your salon services and products at the same time! Make sure that your team have a good knowledge of Suprema, so that they can educate clients on the shades.

Make your Event Fun

Decorate, Celebrate and Patch Test! Making your event exciting and fun, offer some bubbly and nibbles, and pamper your clients. Not only does this allow you to get all of your clients in for patch tests, but it also gives you the opportunity to interact with new and existing clients and educate them about Suprema Color. You can even give your event a theme, allow your clients to get dressed up, get people excited to come and socialise in the salon.

Using Social Media to Get The Word Out

Use your Salon social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, to spread the word with engaging content is great for raising awareness about the importance of having patch tests as well as reassuring clients that the new products that you are using are safe. Regularly updating your social media platforms about the event will grab client?s attention and keep them up to date about all the information about the event. Create a Facebook Event so you can see how many people are coming, meaning that you can cater for all their needs. Remind your clients to bring a friend and spread the word! You could even do a competition to win products or a service and announce the winner on the night.


Use the Patch Test Party as a way to upsell products and services. Offering discounts for clients who attend your event, this could be on in-salon services like cuts, colouring or treatments, alternatively discounting retail products will get your clients returning too. If you are taking the time to educate your clients on the products you are selling, then you will gain their trust and they are more likely going to then return back to your salon.

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