Get Creative with Suprema Color Techniques

get creative with suprema COLOR techniques

Suprema Color has a wide range of products and colours, including bleaches, developers, and different colours. The Suprema Colors can be permanent, semi-permanents and toners, this includes the Mineral Collection too. To get the look that you are wanting from Suprema Color, mixing ratios are an important step that you?ll need to know about, whether that be the mixing ratio for grey coverage or for the super lighteners.

Suprema Bleach

Suprema Bleach is great for lifting the hair, lifting up to 8 levels! But this isn?t going to happen unless you know the correct mixing ratio. If you are applying the bleach as a freehand balayage then the mixing ratio will need to be 1:1, if you are using the bleach for highlighting then you will need to mix in a ratio of 1:1.5, smaller amounts are needed as Suprema Color Bleach uses a fast lightening technology. This client has had a full head of highlights using the Suprema Color Blue Bleach, this look is featured on our Lookbook.

Omniplex Bleaching Powder is another product from FarmaVita, and again, it is a very effective lightening method, lifting the hair up to 7 tones. This Bleach is perfect for all lightening techniques therefore only requires one mixing ratio of 1:2, mixed with Cream Developer at 20/30/40 vol.

Omniplex Bleach has a Plex technology unlike the Blue Bleach Powder, this helps to protect and preserve the hairs structural bonds, keeping the hair hydrated and undamaged at the same time.


When applying Suprema Color as a permanent hair color you will need to mix in the ratio 1:1.5 with a Creme Developer, leaving to develop for 30 minutes. If this mixing ratio is followed then the permanent colour is going to be more effective and accurate. This is applied to dry hair. Find out how to achieve these looks by clicking on them. Blue, Black and Blonde were used to create the third look, and this just goes to show how much you can do with Suprema Color, it allows you to be creative with the colour and achieve different looks.

Semi-permanent & Toners

Applying Suprema Color as a semi-permanent or toner is slightly different, you need to apply this to washed towel dried hair as it is used as a toner. The mixing ratio needs to be 1:2, mixed with the Suprema Color Tone on Tone Developer, leaving to develop for 15-20 minutes. This Ice Blonde look featured on our lookbook, has been toned using 10.1 and Suprema Color 3% Developer.

Grey Coverage

To achieve an intense grey coverage using Suprema Color you are going to need to mix in a 1:1 ratio, mixing this with Suprema Creme Developer. Leave this to develop for 40-45 minutes and you will see the effective grey coverage results.

Mineral Shadows Collection

The Suprema Mineral Shadows Collection is a range of shades inspired by stones and metals, they can also be used as permanent, semi-permanent and toners. When mixing the colour with the Suprema Color Tone on Tone Developer mix in a ratio of 1:1 and allow to develop for 30-35 minutes, this will give you the most effective results. Mineral Shadows Pink has been used on this client, you can see how this look has been done over on our lookbook page.


Superlighteners should be used on base levels 7-10, ideally a base 8, which gives the best results.

The 900 series is suitable for fine to medium hair, which you should mix in a ratio of 1:2 and use with either 9% or 12% developer. When left to develop for 50 minutes, this will produce the best, most effect results. However, the 12 series is suitable for medium to coarse hair, with a mixing ratio of 1:2, using a 12% developer, developing for 50 minutes.

Mix Tones

Suprema Color Mix Tones intensify, enhance and correct colour. To get the correcting mixing ratio, choose the desired depth and then deduct that number from 10, for example, the desired depth is level 6, 10-6=4, so you will need to add 4cm of corrector to achieve the result you want. This ratio will give you the most effective results for clients.

Neutral 10.00

Neutral 10.00 can be used to add shine and reflections to the hair. The mixing ratio needs to be 1:1.5, to be used with the Suprema Color Tone on Tone Developer. This will lift the hair up to half a shade on its own!

Mixing ratios are very important to follow for it to be most effective, these ratios will help you when it comes to colouring clients hair, for an accurate and precise result.

? ?Tone on Tone

Tone on Tone is a new low volume developer, perfect for semi-permanent and shade over shade colouring.

You can checkout our Suprema Product Guide here, available to download, and if you are interested in becoming a ?Suprema Artist? then why not check out our Suprema Education page, where you can learn all things Suprema Color!

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